armest welcome to my dear Light brothers and sisters, to this sacred space where I humbly share my unique connection to the Land, Spirit, Sun, Moon, and Stars. As a natural empath, clairsentience and clairvoyance, spiritual experiences have played an enormous role in my life. It wasn't easy when I was younger, especially and often when these encounters struck me in a messy, annoying, or frightening way.

I am truly grateful and blessed to have great teachers in my life to guide me through these experiences. Through their teachings, I learned not only to protect myself but also transform all the negativities into wisdom and understanding, and moreover to assist others in finding their inner peace.

Let me paint you the vivid colours of the inner realm, here we delve into the depths of spiritual knowledge and explore the Mystery of the Light...

Still remember the first time I met Jerry was in the channeling practicum - Mystery of Light, this jounary opened a new door for me to the spirituality world, followed by crystal workshop, Shamanic journeys as well as private healing and cleaning sessions, reaffirming the capability of Jerry and how he contributed to arouse our inner peace and spiritual connections. Always be grateful to have met Jerry, my most trusted spirtual master. Axon Cho, Hong Kong
感恩遇見Jerry老師😊 多謝他真心的分享、耐心的教導💕 (Grateful to meet teacher Jerry! Thank you his truthful sharings and teaching patiently) Germeio Tsang, Hong Kong
It was a blessing the healing session I had with you, this Saturday. The energy you channel is very gentle and powerful at the same time. You are totally available to help, pure love in manifestation. I could feel this love healing the part of me that has the wound and, even now. Thank you for putting so much care. I really loved to see you and I am very, very proud of you. And grateful. I will definitely recommend my friends to see you in Hong Kong Aurora Santos, Portugal
I am following Jerry more than 7 years and so lucky and grateful to meet him. All his reading and answers are pure and full of love. Every time after his class and private session, your physical and emotional energy had been filled up. Jerry, you are the most trustable and powerful Spiritual Master. Love and Light! Miranda Tong, Australia
Jerry is a nice, gentle, knowledgeable and sincere person. Apart from gaining the knowledge and skills, taking his classes can always allow me to understand myself more. Everytime after the classes, I was like filled with light and feeling very joyful. Jerry also conduct channeling. Instead of telling me what to do, his understanding and encouragement gave me the deepest support when I was having bad times. He is just like an angel, not just to me, but surely to many others, too Jessica Chung, Hong Kong
Two weeks ago, I was guided by Archangel Michael to do the energy healing session when asking about the issue of job searching and spiritual growth. I immediately thought of your name whom I accessed Reflection website a few months before. I followed my guidance to take this session. During the session, I felt the heated energy around my body. I was guided to meet Archangel Michael and my High Self in the mediation. This was a relaxed and grateful experience that I released the burden to them which had blocked me from moving forward. Jerry, you are a gifted healer. I really hope that your work can beneficial to more people. Priscilla Lee, Hong Kong

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