If you didn’t read my last post about Australia, please do so HERE. As I wrote earlier about the Australian fire, the unstoppable force of anger constantly releases and burns off all the karmic energies. I also mentioned Queensland is a place that the spirits strike to protect. As I expected, Queensland is the first region that is out of fire. Check out the latest crisis map below or here: http://google.org/crisismap/australia

“Everything flows, out and in; Everything has its tides; All things rise and fall.” The Principle of Rhythm, 7 Hermetic Cosmic Laws.

In the Aluna world, most of the little “evil stick-men” are burnt into ashes. They are created by the collective consciousness of greed, anger, and manipulation. These energies does not belong to this land Australia. They traveled a long way from the East. The ashes now going into the water system, taking water lives where it travels. Our mother nature and the entire universe is a very intelligent system. The ocean tides will surely bring all these painful energies back to its owner, very soon. Let us wait and see.

Looking at the bright side, our mother nature would also heal herself. A great destruction seems to be painful, but it also gives generous nutrients and vitality. The decay of dead animal and plants support new lives to be born.

We human being are tiny. Never under-estimate our mother forest, ocean and land. We thought we can manage to tame and control the nature, but the nature often say NO in a really painful way. Also do not under-estimate the power of our thought. Collectively we vibrate destructive and depressive thoughts, our Mother earth can no longer tolerate all these heaviness. Look at the Philippine volcanoes.

I looked into the eruption of the Taal Volcano, Philippines. Inside the volcano, there is a tremendously large angry skeleton. It is stomping endlessly, mercilessly inside the Earth. The volcano eruption releases tons of ashes and now starting to fall onto Philippines capital. I do not want to go into details. But the situation is nearly the same as Aus, the energy that doesn’t belong will always return.

I remembered the last time I saw such a large skeleton in the Aluna world, is from a journey to China. The skeleton is trapped for at least hundreds of years. In the past, the emperor always want to have eternal life. The ancient shamans really did their job well, and the soul of the emperor is literally trapped on Earth eternally. At that time, I also saw many Buddhist monks of generations who dedicated their lives to chant and calm the spirit. After 2012, the energy of the entire Earth is becoming lighter. I gathered up the work of the many generations of religious practitioners, and assisted the departure of the large skeleton. What I saw inside the Philippines volcano is more or less the same, but I guess it is not the time for it to depart yet. I foresee some notable political changes in Philippines in June.