It has been a very challenging year for every one in 2019. It is very much a journey of breaking down the energy matrix, however the new matrix takes quite a long time to rebuild.

People are collectively participating differently in this mass healing process. We thought we are ambitious to stand up for our views and values, but it is actually a journey of healing ourselves. We voice out our anger and frustration that is collectively created in many generations. The millennium children brought us the vibration as clear as diamond. Their mind are crystal clear, and truly embrace ONENESS as they born.

I embarked on a journey to the Aluna world, having a glance of the upcoming 2020.

I am greeted by a vigorous dark force right at the entrance. They probably expected my visit. This negative force acts as a coating of the etheric world, trying to hide the happenings back there.

Piercing through the darkness,the Aluna world appears to be as usual in my vision. It is a complete withered stone plane, without vegetation. The mud is dry yellow brown, there is no sunlight and endless thunderstorm. I have been seeing this dimension since 2012, so it is not special to me. The light and dark forces were constantly in war here. Since 2019, I saw the forces stopped charging at each other. They are armed and stationed around a mile away.

Lord Kalki (check out Mr. Stuart Wilde’s blog for more info on Kalki here) was floating in the air above the Light army. Around June 2019, I received a sudden vision of Lord Kalki arrival to the Aluna plane. He strikes an enormous lightning onto the ground, crashing the dark forces really hard. And since then I saw the battle is temporarily paused. Lord Kalki represents the vibration of the “future”, it is a concept like the “return of Christ” or the “Future Buddha Maitreya”. His arrival signifies a complete new world, a world without all the old controlling matrix and distortions. Mr. Wilde wrote about Kalki since 2012. The manifestation of the “new world” surely takes time. I believed that the process started since his arrival, and we are step by step transforming the world into a better place to live. And surely, collectively we change our belief systems (i.e. loving kindness) to make it happen.

I see the people vibrating a gentle white light from their heart. However, it doesn’t give me a really good feeling. It is like a blind faith, a faith to be a better person, a faith to love. However, it does not come truly deeply from their heart. It is like copy and paste. Time to let all these masks of “being kind” to go, think about what love truly is, and why do we treat people nice in the first place. This directs us right into our resistance to fully loving each other.

Trust that everything will be okay. Life is an experience, to experience love.