I was very busy arranging sanitary items, food, surgery masks, for myself and my close connections. There is much more to be taken care of. But this is an urgent topic, I cannot postpone any further. I have to publish this post right now.

Some practitioners are writing a lot about the current pandemic – Coronavirus Wuhan. I would like to deliver an emergency message from the spirit. Please stop channeling information directly from the virus if you are doing so. Ask your higher self, ask your spirit guides. When you try to meditate on the virus, you are actually opening a pathway to the virus. You can get information from the virus that’s true. But the virus also found the way to you, and you are the one who created that pathway.

As the current pandemic escalated into a serious concern of the public, I also had the thought to look into the issue and hopefully get some insight. However, the spirits restrict me from doing so for all my 3 attempts in the Aluna world.

Since 2015 I met my first HIV patient and investigated into the HIV virus. I would say I have some understanding to the energy mechanism of this virus as I described in the last post. There’s something I didn’t say is that, in these 5 years time I am surrounded by many HIV patients. When I investigated into the virus, I opened up the pathway to it and the virus also found its way to me. Luckily HIV virus is mainly transmitted in sexual intercourse, or exchange of body fluid / blood. Although the virus is around me most of the time, I am still safe while taking protective measures. However, sealing the pathway is hard though. It’s like you made a path in a rural mountain. The grass grew back on the path you walked but the old and new grasses are still recognizable.

The coronavirus wuhan is a completely different case comparing to HIV virus. If the virus found its way around you, you will be extremely vulnerable as it is highly contagious and dangerous. If you did try connecting to the virus, I would suggest you to call forth all the good spirits of your connection. Ask for protection of yourself and a complete seal to the pathway you created. It is hard. But this is also the cause and effect you created. Pray for safety. Pray for forgiveness.

Another thing I would like to explain is the global energy mechanics.

A lot of practitioners write about the common belief of “positive thought brings positive result”. In spirituality we always say the viruses or illnesses are of low vibrations. If your vibration is high enough, you will not be affected by any of the illnesses.  I call this the 1st layer of energy mechanics. And yes this is the IDEAL situation that every one of us want to achieve. We have to keep up our practice and lifestyle to maintain this high frequency.

However, there are other factors that affect our energy level. Tides. Seasons. And most importantly, the global energy mechanics.

As I mentioned earlier, there would be a lot of global karmic return in this year 2020. The energy will always return to its original position, just a matter of time.

The incident of this coronavirus, no matter it is man-made or a natural disaster, balances out those heavy energies created in China since long ago. When you take lives from the nature, the nature takes lives from you too. It is a simple consequence of cause and effect.

So here’s the question: who’s lives should be taken to balance out the energy?

Look at where we live. Look at our skin colour. Look at the cuisine, the language… Our “fate” is very much tied to our divine blueprint, our story plot. If you born in the Europe as white people, you are highly unlikely to get the coronavirus, but a higher chance of getting “mad cow” virus instead. This entire incident of coronavirus is a global karmic return of the Chinese ancestral energy. Being a Chinese myself, we bear the responsibility to share this pain and suffering even we don’t like it or we don’t think it is related to us. Even we might not get the physical syndromes of the virus, we suffer from the effect to the economic regression, the fear, the anger, and the conflicts.

The energy mechanics of the global karmic return will somehow override the ordinary energy mechanics. Even your frequency is high, you might get the virus too because of your divine blueprint and ancestral lineage. This is what I call the 2nd layer of energy mechanics.

Many people in faith that they won’t be infected by the virus, and refuse to wear a mask. They even mentioned that it is an action based on fear.

After all these explanations, PLEASE DO WEAR A MASK.

Wearing a mask doesn’t necessarily make this action based on fear. It is an action of wisdom. If you did understand what I mentioned above, wearing a mask is as simple as deliberately choosing your position on the incident. We understand where we live, what is our lineage, and how is our tribe. Wearing a mask simply means we sign up for the reinforcement backup team (maybe sharing some of the pain and fear…) instead of the assault team (to take on the virus or even exchange life force for the karmic return).

I would say most of the people not wearing a mask is somehow an action of unwise. You are actually sending out signals that you would like to be the “assault team“. You are unconsciously signing up for the dirty job.

For sure some advanced spiritual  practitioners might be more aware of the happenings and do not follow the rules I just mentioned. Awareness is the key.

Stay safe people. Protection is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength.