The apocalyptic fire in Australia is raising the concern of spiritual practitioners. Many are grouping up and praying for the rain to soothe the vigorous energies. If you feel the calling, please do so.

I didn’t finish writing my journey in my last post of the Aluna world. In the inner plane of Hong Kong, many Aluna walkers saw dragons awakening in different ways. Some of them bring destruction, while some of them fly around and dispel the dark forces around the cities. In my journey on 31 Dec 2019, I saw a large and beautiful green dragon flying up from the ground. It gives me an intense feeling of the ancient Chinese energies. The look of the dragon tells.

Today I embarked on another inner journey to Australia, trying to understand what is happening behind the scene.

In my first sight, I saw a large white dragon flying up from the Australia fire, while half of the dragon body still stuck inside the ground. The dragon looks pale white and not moving at all. It doesn’t look very healthy. The inner plane is blood red, the air is red, the sky is red, the entire atmosphere is red. I am also greeted by the land spirit of Australia with a large tribal mask. He looks completely malnutrition. His skin is dying yellow, and he tilting his head 90 degree to the right looking at me. It gives me pain to watch two of such beautiful beings becoming terribly sick like this. The land spirit gives me a gentle smile, and I understood he does not request any sort of help. He is trying his best to take care of his land.

Around the ongoing fire, there are many tiny black “stick-men”. These “stick-men” looks like a piece of rough charcoal, and really chipped at the edges. I nearly felt the smell of burnt wood from them. I believe these little guys are dark forces evoked by somebodies (countries, if you would like to be exact) with evil intentions. I was about to destroy all these evil little guys, but my spiritual master forbid me from involving in such collective karma.

A calm and beautiful white goddess appears in front of me, I am looking at her bright side silhouette. This goddess should be Anjea, the Australian fertility goddess. She looks pathetic, and guarding a large piece of land which I believe is the Queensland area. There should be something really important about this area. I am not familiar with Australia. Please let me know if you realize why the goddess is especially protecting this place.

(About Anjea: People’s souls reside within her in between their incarnations. She picks them up at their resting places in the sand, which are marked with twigs. The twigs are arranged in the ground so as to form a circle, and they are tied together at their tops, so that the resulting structure resembles a cone. The spirits are taken away for several years, but Anjea eventually creates new children from mud, and places them in the wombs of future mothers.) From Wikipedia.

I asked the land spirit, what could I offer to the land. The answer is simple and direct. I evoke water from the nearby sea, and run the water in a circular manner. The water creates a ring and shields the land spirit from the fire. I am not allowed to even put water on the fire in the entire journey. The fire meant something more than a disaster. Although the fire is taking lives, it probably is the only way to get rid of the evil “stick-men” that I saw, the evil intentions accumulated in years. It is sad, but the situation might not be improving for quite some time.

Spiritual seekers, please send your loving prayers to Australia. We pray for a smooth and peaceful transition for all the lives taken.