About Jerry and his work ...

Jerry Sanctus is a natural clairvoyance and clairsentience. He reads energies and frequencies as colours, scanlines, rays or smoke in his “inner eyes”. He gives quick and precise reading on people only by looking, without the use of ordinary divination tools like tarot cards, pendulum or so.

Jerry is also well-known for his Light strokes & Light sketches. In combination with his “seeing” ability, his special hand gestures direct energy in a particular way. As a clear conduit of Light, he can also transfer the higher frequencies into sketches. His Light sketches could be prepared as a protective talisman on paper that repels lower energies and frequencies.

Jerry’s abilities did not come in an easy way. He went through difficult life challenges and immense training from many spiritual gurus. Since the age of 17, he studied with practitioners all around the world on Tibetian Buddhism, Chinese Taoism, Native American shamanism, numerous kinds of energy healing, crystals, aromatherapy, etc.

Jerry serves humbly to the public since 2001, active among the holistic and wellness community. His clients and students are all over the world. His appearance include worldwide holistic fairs, sacred circles, classes and workshops, and as guest speaker in media. He also hosts “Earthwork journey”, bringing students to sacred sites or energy portals on Earth to connect to the specific energy there.

The respected Mr. Stuart Wilde is one of the master mostly influenced Jerry. In his Patreon subscription, Jerry will hold a blog to write about his meditation journeys and spiritual perspectives, which is mentioned as “The Aluna World” by Mr. Stuart Wilde. Welcome to join the journey of “The Aluna Walker”!

關於Jerry Sanctus及他的工作 …

Jerry Sanctus是一位超視力及超感知靈性工作者,辛勤謙卑地由2001年服務大眾至今。他可以閱讀能量及頻率,在他的靈視力(第三眼)中,會顯現成顏色、線條、光影及煙霧。他只需要觀察便能快速準確地閱讀一個人的各種訊息,並不需要借助傳統占卜工具,例如靈擺或塔羅牌。



Mr. Stuart Wilde 是其中一位影響杰瑞最深的靈性大師,在Patreon訂閱計劃中,杰瑞不定期地更新他在冥想中靈性世界的見聞、以及他的靈性觀點,而這內在的世界,Mr. Stuart Wilde稱之爲 “Aluna World” (杰瑞翻譯成 「境界」)。歡迎各位訂閱收看,一同經歷「境界行者」的旅程!

18 years journey 十八年的旅程...

Jerry's appearance

Jerry was very active in the spiritual community, his audiences came from all over the world. He participated in Holistic Fairs, hosted meditation circles, classes & workshops, and spoken as a guest on mass media in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Shanghai. He also organized “Earth work” tours to sacred sites and facilitated connections to location specific energies.


Holistic Fair Hong Kong

Heart Sutra Stillness Event

Spoon bending salone Shanghai
上海 靈力扭湯匙活動

Mind Body Soul Open Day HK

ZON Guest Meditation Teacher
ZON 客席靜坐冥想導師

Sacred Journey host – Cambodia
神聖之旅導師 –  柬埔寨

Lightworks KL Visiting Practitioner
吉隆坡 Lightworks 客席導師

Lifeworks PG Visiting Practitioner
檳城 Lifeworks 客席導師

EETV Tarot program Guest speaker
EETV 釨湮塔羅解 嘉賓

TVB Pearl Report Guest Speaker
明珠台節目 客席嘉賓

Media Function Guest Speaker
奇奧研究社 網聚 特別嘉賓

MIHK Occult Online Programme
MIHK 玄疑夢裡尋 客席嘉賓