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Reflections Resource Center

Reflections is a holistic wellness center, serving the Hong Kong market for the past 25 years. Jerry has a long co-operation relationship with the founder, RUBY T. ONG, which is also his mentor and good friend.

Reflections是一家服務香港超過25年的身心靈健康中心,杰瑞有很長時間與創辦人Ruby T. Ong合作,同時Ruby亦是他的好老師、好朋友。

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Collaboration 聯營合作

Heart Forest

Jerry’s friend Derek Lam recently founded his own holistic centre located at Kwai Chung, Hong Kong in 2020. Jerry is collaborating many classes as a convenient option for the people in the New Territories to experience Jerry’s work.

杰瑞的好友Derek Lam在2020年於香港葵興創立了他自己的身心靈中心。杰瑞聯營開辦了很多的課程,便利於居住在新界區的朋友們。

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Collaboration 聯營合作



A talented Hong Kong artist/designer, spiritualist, AhBlack Chris found ANIMAL TOTEM, a hipster favourite artistic space. In the workshop there is a gorgeous retail space, stocked with plenty of spiritual items and Jerry’s products. Must go to have a look!

一位香港熱衷於身心靈健康的設計師/藝術家 AhBlack Chris 亞黑基斯,創立了ANIMAL TOTEM 動物圖騰藝術創作室,文青最愛的藝術空間,安排了一個獨立零售空間,售賣各式各樣的身心靈產品,亦包括杰瑞老師的產品。不能錯過!

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Collaboration 聯營合作

Healing Artemis

A friend of Jerry founded an Instagram Shop, providing card reading service and spiritual product sales. The both brands collaborate and provide healing items or services at more accessible price, targeting the mass public.


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