I seldom share how I work with crystals, because I thought every one work in similar ways. But I am wrong, I just realized recently that my way of working with crystals is completely different. I guess I would like to write it down, before I leave this world sometimes.

Each kind of crystals carry different energy and vibration. There are many spiritual practitioners out there specialized in crystals, and they channeled information and published a lot of crystal books. Sometimes I would also google to check for some stones that I am not familiar with. This gives you a general glance of what those stones do to you.

As I am a both clairvoyance (to see), clairsentience (to feel) and clair-knowing, I read crystals promptly by only looking, holding or rubbing them between my hands. I can sense the tiny difference between same kind of stones, and realize that the effect of each single piece of crystals could be very different. For example, (in general) rose quartz which is clear would dissolve your emotional pain and make your heart clear, while a cloudy rose quartz is instead giving emotional support and make your heart strong. It does not make a huge difference, but they are still “different” if you know what I mean. Try to take note of every single details of it and you will be amazed of your discovery.

My another way of using crystals is creating energy architecture. Some practitioners call it as “energy grid” or “light grid” something like that, but I believe we are referring to something similar.

Here I am showcasing my own bracelet wearing daily, recently. In here, I set up a 3-D energy architecture in a miniature manner. The Star side is the main propose (or goal/wish/hope, easy to understand) of the energy setting, and the Earth side is the energy to support the goal. The companion is chosen depends on if I would like to have another boost of energy, or a soothing energy to stabilize the fluctuations. In a meditation journey, I link up all these crystal beads and create a beautiful 3-D energy matrix, like a “Light city”. As I always mention, the more precise your visualize is, the stronger the power. Imagination is our super power.

The process of creating an energy setting is consist of intuition, crystal knowledge and energy work. No matter how we come to the conclusion, the outcome should always reflects harmony in appearance, as well as energy.

These kind of “coded bracelet” is getting quite popular between my friends. As per their request, I would probably be creating a system and selling these kind of bracelet soon. You are welcome to try making one on your own, and I don’t mind if you would like to get one from me 🙂 .