I was planning to investigate about the recent outbreak of the Wuhan virus issue. However, the spirit do not allow and instead sending through the messages for a topic covering bigger scope.

I would like to firstly explain that we are living under the 7 cosmic laws, no matter you notice them or not. One of the very popular cosmic law that mentioned by lots of celebrities, speakers or social leaders, is the “Law of attraction”. Every one tells you to think positive, and you will attract positive outcome in lives. What they seldom mention is that when you think negative, you attract shit into your lives. This is simple and direct.

“Like attracts like and will be enforced by like. Unlike repels each other.” The Principle of Resonance or Attraction, the 7 Hermetic Laws.

As a spiritual seeker, we should understand these spiritual concepts thoroughly and completely. We are unconsciously vibrating fear and doubts in our everyday lives, we never realize it. As simple as when we purchase medical insurance, all of us are vibrating the energy of fear. We are afraid of shit happens in lives. We are afraid if we get cancer and our pocket is not full enough to pay the bills. We are not ever consciously knowing, we are sending the universe signals that “I am prepared to get sick please send it to me now”.

In recent years, I participated actively as a volunteer in social welfare. I had been studying the mind pattern of people with different medical issues, such as physical disability, mental disorder, and HIV. In my shamanic eyes I scan through their vibrations, and came to a very general conclusion. As an example, I talked with at least 10 HIV carriers and found nearly identical thinking pattern in their minds. I am not talking about their emotions or consciousness changes after being diagnosis as HIV positive. I am talking about how they act and react for the entire lifetime. The very clear pattern they have is a self-destructive program, and victimization (including self-blaming or blaming others). Although there are many other factors and variables, I can generalize and quickly identify the slight difference in their entire energy blueprint.

My idea of writing this out is not to blame the patients of having such thinking pattern. I want to make it clear that diseases (especially caused by viruses) are literally “attracted” into your lives by your energy construction, i.e. your thoughts. There is no accident or co-incident in this world. Every single thing in the universe is based on an equation. It is only the matter of do we understand what the equation is.

When we were kids, our maths teacher taught us equation in simple diagrams. We put a number into an unknown factory, and the factory will process a result. Our task is to find out what the factory did. It is the same in the real life, only in a much bigger scale and more complex equation. The things that we successfully solved in equation are called SCIENCE. For those things we cannot solve and explain in logical reasons, we call them myth, hypothesis, or RELIGIONS.

As a spiritual practitioner, I always mention that we are trying to “approach” the truth of spiritual matters. These matters become science if we found the truth, but yet at this time we did not find the absolute answer yet. Our spiritual experience is approaching the truth closer and closer.

There are hundreds of practice and different perspectives when we look into a single issue. The traditional Chinese medicine, shamanic medicine, or the Indian ayurveda medicine, are having a lot of similarities. They talk about the conditions of a human body, the emotions, the climate, the weather, the surrounding, the things you eat, the seasons, etc. Especially for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), practitioners are trained to identify the qualities of a person, and systematically gives medicine as a trial. Most of the people don’t understand, but TCM is a “trial and error” system. The doctor gives you medicine, you take it, come back and check again. That’s why mostly the aged TCM doctors are usually more powerful, because all the testing experience is in his or her mind. TCM doctors are actually trying to find out the “Math FACTORY”, trying to solve the equation.

It is the same for all spiritual practice. I just mentioned e.g. HIV patients are having self-destructive mind programmes, we can identify people with these qualities and possibly prevent them from getting the disease. Although it is a really hard work to neutralize or change a thinking pattern or programme, it is possible and meaningful. I truly believe that there is a correct equation to even incurable diseases, the equations are just yet to find.

There is a definite reason to be infected by these specific diseases. What we can do is instead to truthfully look into ourselves, to release all the resistance to love. Negative emotions will bring you into danger. No matter how hard it is, face it. Bathe yourself with salt every day. Cleanse your house from stagnant energies. Throw away unnecessary items. Give good fortune to your surroundings, as simple as a smile.

I also mentioned in other articles. The energy that doesn’t belong will always return. Keep you and your tribe clean energetically to avoid any collateral damage from the global karmic return.

Good fortune comes with a good heart.