This year 2020 is full of these “1” and “2” energies. When you try putting two “1” together, you get a “11” which means a channel of the divine. When you add up two “1”, you get “2” which talks about all the polarity, yin-yang, ups and downs, light and dark…etc. The energies of 2020 is like a super duper 11,0,11,0 = two “11” pure channels of divine, while two “0” gives an ∞.

What I just said seems very crappy and not understandable, if you do not have a clue of “numerology”. You may google that. Anyway I will jump to conclusion now.

As I wrote earlier, 2020 is a journey of love. However, “unlove” is always the biggest challenge that human being face. All the resistance in life came from the root cause of “unlove”. Your boyfriend breaks your heart, you curse him and punish him for being an asshole. After you go through all the depression, pain or anger, you might still not understand what happened. You might not understand that you are actually not loving yourself enough, and attracted a person in life to reflect that part that is “unloved”.

A journey of love is complicated. The 2020 energies is bringing through the both masculine and feminine energies into our land. We lived in a patriarchal world, we praise the power of control, the power of outward expansion. For such as long time, we forgot about going back into our heart. We forgot that our emotions and imaginations are important. In recent years as many practitioners also wrote about, it is now the age of the feminine power while we spend time in our own sacred space. That’s why we now have a bloom of yoga classes, cleanse and detox juice, retreat pilgrim journeys etc. The two energies were competing, or even attacking each other for such a long time. Year 2020 is a time to bring the two energies back into one. It is a hard work. Really hard.

Both masculine and feminine energies seek for power. They always want to consume the other, and occupy the entire world. This is not the right way. The Chinese culture understood this concept early enough, and created the pattern of “Taichi”, the perfect yin and yang while part of yin is inside yang, and part of yang is inside yin. It is a constant spiral of energy.

So what does it mean to us, 2020?

Let me use one sentence to conclude: “You will be in constant battle between your thoughts.” This is the lesson of this entire year. In the macro-view, the world’s energy is in battle. The feminine energies (freedom of thoughts) are fighting against the masculine ones (totalitarian). As above, so below. In the micro-view, our mind is fighting against ourselves. We want to make change, but at the same time we want to rest and retreat. The only way to survive this year, is to find the perfect balance between being active and passive. Stay calm before every single decision, and seek for the best way to approach.

I went to a very hidden sacred spot in Hong Kong. The energies there is rather raw and ancient. I guess there is a specific reason for me to work very much with water elements in recent years. Water is an element that represent the masculine & feminine power so well. Water is essential for all living things, but too much water takes lives. To find the perfect balance of utilizing the water power requires hard work.

I am greeted by another white dragon in the Aluna journey. I believed vigorous relocating energies of the Earth appears in dragon forms in shamanic eyes. More and more awaken dragon energies leads a complete reallocation of energies (i.e. revolution).

The sacred, raw, and ancient water energies could help us flushing through our energy system. It is like “liquid light”. Here I would like to share this connection of this nature gift to you, as I recorded the gentle wave of this sacred place. With a grateful heart, close your eyes and set yourself into this beautiful and healing energy of the Mother Ocean.

Blessed be.