Summer Solstice + Solar Eclipse 2020

Roaming between Fire & Water, A Journey of Equilibrium

21st June 2020, 11am – 4pm

An Earth-work Journey with Jerry Sanctus

Exchange Abundance: HKD 555

Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, while the SUN energy is also the strongest. It is a festive time of hope, energy and manifestation. However, this year the solar eclipse lies within the same day. Spiritually eclipses meant to work with our shadow side, revealing our normally unreachable resistances and weaknesses. This is a special occasion for us to call forth the powerful sunlight. Such light is so intense that shines through our darkest shadow. At the same time we will be working with water from the ocean, flushing through our light-bodies. This will be an intense healing and self-discovery session. It would be very helpful for us to recover from the pain and stress we all shared during the current pandemic.


After a complete clearing of our light-bodies, we will be working on the manifestation of our hopes and dreams. If we found it difficult to create a reality we want, our connection from the Divine to the Earth is a bit off. With the tremendous sun energies on the Summer Solstice, we establish a central light pillar of connection much easier. It will be a good time to strengthen such connection, and allow the infinite divine abundance flow into your life more easily.


The Silverstrand beach is one of the East-facing beach in Hong Kong, receiving the very first light. It was once a place filled with water elementals. For now the existence are long lost. We will be maintaining the purity of the beach by anchoring the light to this beach once again.



10:30am               Meet up at Hang Hau MTR Station

11:00am               Healing session starts

1:00pm                 Lunch break (Bring your own food)

2:00pm                 Manifestation session starts

4:00pm                 Session end

4:08pm                 Solar Eclipse at maximum

4:15pm                 Return


Things to bring:

  • Beach mat / yoga mat
  • Sunblock, Hats or caps, Towels or wet tissues, extra clothing or anything for your comfort.
  • Flipflops
  • Water or drinks
  • Food for lunch or snacks
  • Writing materials (paper and pen)

*Bring along Aura Soma B4, B14, B73 if you have. (Not essential)



Recommended shorts or loose trousers. We will be walking into the sea a bit.



Jerry Sanctus is a natural clairvoyance and clairsentience, serves humbly to the spiritual community since 2001. He reads energies and frequencies as colours, scanlines, rays or smoke in his “inner eyes”. He gives quick and precise reading on people only by looking, without the use of ordinary divination tools like tarot cards, pendulum or so.

Jerry is also well-known for his Light strokes & Light sketches. In combination with his “seeing” ability, his special hand gestures direct energy in a particular way. As a clear conduit of Light, he can also transfer the higher frequencies into sketches. His Light sketches could be prepared as a protective talisman on paper that repels lower energies and frequencies.

Jerry’s abilities did not come in an easy way. He went through difficult life challenges and immense training from many spiritual gurus. Since the age of 17, he studied with practitioners all around the world on Tibetian Buddhism, Chinese Taoism, Native American shamanism, numerous kinds of energy healing, crystals, aromatherapy, etc.

Jerry was very active in the spiritual community, his audiences came from all over the world. He participated in Holistic Fairs, hosted meditation circles, classes & workshops, and spoken as a guest on mass media in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Shanghai. He also organized “Earth work” tours to sacred sites and facilitated connections to location specific energies.




遊走於水火之間 重拾平衡之旅

21st June 2020, 11am – 4pm

Jerry Sanctus的地球行者旅程

豐盛往來: HKD 555







10:30am               於坑口地鐵站集合

11:00am               療癒 開始

1:00pm                 午餐 (自備食物)

2:00pm                 創造 開始

4:00pm                 活動完結

4:08pm                 日蝕最大時刻

4:15pm                 回程



  • 沙灘墊/瑜珈墊
  • 防哂用品、帽、毛巾、濕紙巾、額外衣服、或任何你需要的用品
  • 拖鞋
  • 水、飲料
  • 午餐食物、零食
  • 書寫工具 (紙筆)

*可攜帶Aura Soma B4, B14, B73平衡瓶 。(並非必需)





關於Jerry Sanctus及他的工作 …

Jerry Sanctus是一位超視力及超感知靈性工作者,辛勤謙卑地由2001年服務大眾至今。他可以閱讀能量及頻率,在他的靈視力(第三眼)中,會顯現成顏色、線條、光影及煙霧。他只需要觀察便能快速準確地閱讀一個人的各種訊息,並不需要借助傳統占卜工具,例如靈擺或塔羅牌。