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2.HEAL | Crystals & Minerals | 水晶與礦物三部曲之二:療癒

After understanding the sensation of the energy of crystals, actually much more is happening in the unseen spiritual realm. In this class you will be learning to journey to the inner planes and experience crystals with your inner eyes, the 6th sense. Jerry will guide you to the inner dimension of crystals and minerals, which is called “Mineral Kingdom”. Each kind of the crystals / minerals has a Master guide with the collective consciousness of the its kind.

Nearly all of the crystals you bought in stores are sleeping (non-activated). You will learn how to restore, activate and actualize the full potentials of them. Activated crystals are much more powerful, and possibly changing appearance immediately. It also enables the crystals to perform its true function to humankind – healing.

You will learn…

  • ✨Meditation journeys to the mineral kingdom and meeting the mineral guides
  • ✨To restore, activate and actualize the full potential of the crystals
  • ✨To give instructions to crystals working towards our good intention
  • ✨To link up different kind of crystals working as one and perform healing
  • ✨7 Chakras crystal healing technique (with multiple crystals / wands)

*Welcome gift: Set of 7 Chakra crystals x 1 set, Small clear quartz wand x 1 pc

*Please bring along the crystals in Level 1.

SATURDAYS, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Energy Exchange: HKD 980

Heart Forest, 18 Yip Shing St, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

Registration please Whatsapp Derek on +852 6443 9696.




時間:(星期六) 2pm – 5pm


地點:葵興業成街18號星星中心 (The Star) 21樓2115室 (葵興港鐵店E出口到九龍貿易中心,經葵安工廠大廈旁樓梯上)




  • ✨靜坐心靈旅程-到「礦物王國」與礦物意志連結
  • ✨學習復原、啟動及實現晶石的最大效能
  • ✨設定意念讓水晶協助達成良好目的
  • ✨連結多塊不同種類的水晶並合一地工作,並進行療癒
  • ✨七輪水晶能量療癒技巧(使用多件水晶及水晶杖)

*課程贈送:七輪水晶 x 1 套,白晶小型水晶杖 x 1支


網上報名請按此,或 Whatsapp Derek +852 6443 9696.

The event is finished.

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