2022 Wesak Day Meditation 衛塞節2022靜坐

Pathway to the Inner Wisdom 通往內在智慧之路

2022 Wesak Day Meditation 衛塞節2022靜坐


Wesak Day is a unique and auspicious time of the year. To celebrate the birth, enlightenment and ascension of the Buddha, followers joint-force to meditate and pray. Such intention of loving kindness and compassion opens up the sky, opening portals to the higher realms, the dimension above the dimensions. The strongest and purest energies, which are not usually available, flow tremendously from the Divine to Earth.


On this special occasion, Jerry will hold a guided meditation online session in both Cantonese & English. Together with all the spiritual walkers on Earth and all good spirits in all the interconnected dimensions, we meditate and pray for our greater goods. As well we send this Love & Light to the entire Earth with no discrimination, calming all the noxious toxic, fear, anger and sorrow. Allowing this journey opens the pathway to our own inner wisdom, love, and peace.


This will be a LIVE session and completely free, however, donations would be always welcomed to support our services. If in any case you missed the session / would like to hear the playback, it would be available for purchase after the session at a minimum exchange of HK$333.








Date 日期: 9th May 2022

Time 時間: 1:00p.m. to 4:00p.m.

Platform 平台: Google Meet

Registration 報名: DM @jerrysanctus or email to [email protected]


Registration required, as we will provide updates or event instructions via email.



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May 09 2022


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Online Session
Hong Kong
Jerry Sanctus


Jerry Sanctus
[email protected]

Jerry Sanctus
Metaphysics Explained


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