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3.CONSTRUCT | Crystals & Minerals | 水晶與礦物三部曲之三:築夢

Course Content: Energy Grid Structure

After the crystal journey in Day 1, you are one step closer to being a crystal master! 

Energy in crystals are very much in proportion to their size.  If you want to channel large amount of energy, you might need large pieces of crystals, however there is another way and that is: you can actually link up crystals and create an “Energy Grid”.  The Energy Grid will amplify the energy – if you are doing it correctly.

Jerry will also provide two pieces of energy art consisting of sacred geometry and light sigils, printed on a canvas for your easy access.  One of them is for you to charge and purify the crystals in the middle of the sacred circle.  Whilst the other one is to act as an  amplifying circle to accelerate the emission of crystal power.

You will learn to…

  • ✨Laying out a small sized energy grid with any crystals through link-up 
  • ✨construct super sized (room / space) energy grid light city
  • ✨construct energy grids with provided Energy Art sacred circle
  • ✨use the energy grids to accelerate your success and achieving goals (such as attract abundance)
  • ✨learn to dismantle your unseen power to fully release a space (also remotely)

*Gift of Love: Double terminated quartz x 12 pcs (for Energy art), Energy Art canvas (Sacred Space / Accelerate) x 2 pcs

WEEKEND, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Energy Exchange: HKD 1600

Heart Forest, 18 Yip Shing St, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

Registration please Whatsapp Derek on +852 6443 9696.








  • 以任何水晶連結並建築小型的能量網(水晶陣)
  • 建築巨型(房間/空間)能量網(光之堡壘)
  • 使用神聖圓圈能量畫建築能量網
  • 使用能量畫倍大願望並協助成功(例如吸引豐盛)
  • 學習如何拆除已建築的能量結界重新釋放空間(同時學習遠程操作)

*課堂贈送: 小型閃靈鑽 x 12塊(能量畫用),能量畫(神聖圓圈/超加速)x 2幅



周末 10am – 5pm


地點:葵興業成街18號星星中心 (The Star) 21樓2115室 (葵興港鐵店E出口到九龍貿易中心,經葵安工廠大廈旁樓梯上)


網上報名請按此,或 Whatsapp Derek +852 6443 9696.

The event is finished.

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