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DEC 12-13 Mystery of Light – Intensive Channeling Practicum

Life is a journey to self-mastery.  We human beings come to Earth as spiritual beings to experience spirituality in our physical bodies. Before incarnating and coming to Earth, we have a thorough discussion with our Spiritual Guide about what we would like to experience in the coming lifetime.  We decide our own lessons, and a contract is being made between the  teacher (spiritual guides)” and the  student (us)”.  They will make sure we are on the right path to experience what we asked for, and they will also give guidance.

In this 2-day workshop, we will learn how to actively connect to our own spiritual guides.  Once we re-establish our connection with them, we can do plenty of things such as seeking guidance, protection and healing.

This can be a very beautiful and touching experience. Most of us forget our spirituality/divinity and think that life is full of harsh lessons.  Reconnecting to our spiritual guides also reveal some of the memories and feelings in our soul.

Within these 2 days, a lot of clearing and healing will take place.  As an ordinary human being, we pick up all kinds of negative emotions and thoughts around us and stored within ourselves – including our own challenges and negative thought patterns, we create very strong stagnant energies on ourselves which made us disconnected from the inner worlds.  We have to clear most of the stagnant energies in order to hear or to feel the presence of our guides.

There are rules and laws in the spiritual realm.  We have to understand the hierarchy of the world above and below, and learn to discern between good spirits and evil spirits.  We also have to learn how to call for protection, to create a sacred space, to seal up particular space, and to turn on and off our psychic abilities at certain times.

**As earlier mentioned, this is an intensive course and a lot of clearing and healing will be done.  It is suggested that in the 7 – 14 days before the workshop, do not take coffee and tea, alcohol, tobacco and all kinds of strong spices and irritating food. The light diet will make your auric field clearer and reduce blockages and resistance.

–        Who are your spiritual guides and what can they do

–        The journey of a soul – from the black hole to a black hole, nothingness to nothingness

–        The hierarchy of the spiritual realms (As above, so below.)

–        The different realms and their characteristics (Ascended Masters, angels, fairies, mineral guides)

–        The Hermetic Laws  / The Cosmic Laws

–        Meditation “The Central Sun” quick and easy practice

–        Meditation “Journey to the Heart” a healing journey to release suppressed emotions

–        Healing process “Chakra Cleansing and Cellular Purifications”

–        Meditation “Inner child, Adult, Parent, Sage” a soul understanding journey


–        Physical balancing exercises

–        Technique of calling for protecting and creating sacred space

–        Meditation “The lower world journey – Animal Totem” recognize your own power animal

–        Learning of discernment “Journey to hell with Goddess Persephone”

–        Ways of discernment, notice how the good spirits talk

–        Meditation with Kwan Yin “Letting go”

–        *Room preparation for the very first connection to your guide

–        Connecting to your Master Spiritual Guide



–        Meditation “The angel circle” quick and easy practice

–        Reconnecting to your Spiritual Guides

–        Ways of getting messages from your guides, the writing meditation

–        “The trance-state” channeling technique

–        Group / Pair practice of getting messages from trance or half trance state


–        Call for healing from your Spiritual Guides

–        The energy infusion – charging your crystals / items / space with the guides’ energy

–        How to turn on and turn off our abilities and why

–        The grounding exercise

–        Sharings “The journey of being a channel”

–        Lots of practices and Q & A session

OCT 3-4, 2020 (Sat & Sun) 10 am – 5 pm

Exchange Abundance:  HK$3,200

Bring Along a Friend and Pay   HK$2,500 each

Venue: Reflections Resource Center

To join the workshops and / or book a private session with Jerry, please click here to register online, call Reflections on 2504 1333, or   Whatsapp   Ruby T Ong 9401 4713.

DEC 12-13 光之秘境 守護靈連接 工作坊

生命是一段自我探索的旅程,人類是有靈性的生物,透過肉身來到地球經歷生命。 在來到地球之前,我們與自己的守護靈詳細地討論,這一輩子到底希望經歷些甚麼。我們自行決定了人生課題,亦與守護靈簽訂了類似老師及學生的靈性契約。他們的工作是保證我們在揚昇的正道上,同時在生命中不斷提供指引。








–       甚麼是守護靈?祂們的工作又是甚麼?

–       靈魂的故事:由黑洞到黑洞,由虛無到虛無

–       靈性的階級(如上即下、如下即上)

–       不同次元及其特色(揚升大師、天使、精靈、礦物守護者)

–       七大宇宙法則(如吸引力法則等)

–        「中央太陽」簡易靜觀練習

–        「內心的旅程」釋放抑壓情感的療癒旅程

–        「七輪及細胞淨化」療癒旅程

–        「內在小孩、成人、父母、智者」靈魂探索旅程


–        身體層面能量平衡練習

–        召來保護及創建神聖空間的技巧

–        「下界的旅程-動物圖騰」辨識你的力量動物

–        學習辨識低下頻率練習

–        辨識高靈的說話方式

–        「放下執念」觀音冥想旅程

–        *神聖空間設置:準備首次與守護靈連接

–        與你的最高守護靈連接



–        「天使神聖圈」簡易靜觀練習

–        重新與你的最高守護靈連接

–        各種與守護靈溝通的方式:書寫冥想

–        「Trance 出神模式」連接技巧

–        分組練習「出神/半出神模式」向守護靈獲取訊息


–        向守護靈尋求療癒

–        能量充能(加持)- 將物件賦予神聖能量

–        如何把靈力關閉及原因

–        接地練習

–        導師分享「預視者的生命旅程」

–        更多的練習及問答環節


(Sat & Sun) 10 am – 5 pm

豐盛往來:  HK$3,200


地點: Reflections Resource Center

有興趣參加工作坊的朋友,歡迎網上報名,或致電Reflections 2504 1333,或Whatsapp Ruby 9401 4713。

The event is finished.

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