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LIVE! Hungry Ghost Festival Blessing & Prayer Night 中元節祈願祥和夜

Hungry ghost festival is widely celebrated in the Asian countries. Traditional Chinese believes that the seventh month in Lunar calendar of every year is the “ghost month”. In this month, the gate of afterlife will open to allow spirits come through and roam in the mundane world, while the 14th day of the month is the time the gate fully opened.

In the modern time now, we celebrate the Hungry ghost festival as a virtue to assist ALL beings. We send our loving-kindness and gratitude to all the monks, Bodhisattvas and Buddhas who lifted the suffering. We also send compassion to all Hungry ghosts and pray they can liberate from this pain.

In this evening, Jerry will hold a short online (LIVE!) meditation on his YouTube channel to call forth and send our gratitude to the Higher forces. Together we will do some simple mantra chanting to send our love and compassion energy to the beings in all dimensions, no matter they are good or bad. In joint force of us and the assistance of the Higher Forces, we pray for forgiveness of any wrongdoings of any beings on Earth, and those who fallen into the dimension of the Hungry Ghost.

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Free of charge, donations welcome.
All proceeds will go to International Amnesty HK.








The event is finished.

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