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NOV 21-22 Understanding Shamanic Journeys 薩滿。啓蒙之旅

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and spiritual practice. Shamans, or medicine men/women, are recognised as a sage or doctor in the ancient tribes. Citizens go to shamans for healing their sickness or seeking for advice in life. Shamans are trained to watch at the clouds and water, feel the wind, taste the herbs, and talk to the living creatures. These are the essential skills to ensure safety in rural life, which is the instinct born with us.

In the modern days, the beauty of Shamanism preserved in the meditative journeying skills and traditional rituals. Shamans go into trance, listen to the voice of the nature, animals, and spirits. Shamans dance with drumming to greet the spirits and to dispel the negativities. Types of shamanic practice are infinite, and varies between different lineages.

In this 2-day workshop, you will experience the fascinating nature of shamanic journeys. You will be learning the journeying skills to go deep into the astral plane, providing you valuable information for self discovery and mastery. In the journeys, you may also pray to the spirits to resolve your inner resistance and blockages.

  • ✨Calling in and sending off spirits with songs and drums
  • ✨Understanding the Medicine Wheel
  • ✨Understanding the 4 elements and 4 directions
  • ✨The concept of shamanic astral planes and the hierarchy
  • ✨Journeying to the Lower world (The Animal Totems)
  • ✨Embodiment the medicine of your Animal
  • ✨Journeying to the Upper world (The Spirit Teachers)
  • ✨Journeying to the Middle world (The Astral plane of our world)
  • ✨Spiritual Investigation with the Middle world journeys
  • ✨Connecting with the Nature

Come join this 2-day workshop and indulge yourself in this powerful experience!

Abundance exchange: HKD 3,888 (Early bird discount @3,333 only until Oct 31 2020)

Please contact Heart Forest for registration.

Understanding Shamanic Journeys




  • ✨學習以頌唱及鼓聲招來及歡送神明
  • ✨了解藥輪
  • ✨了解四大元素與四個面向
  • ✨了解薩滿的靈性層面架構
  • ✨下界的旅程(動物圖騰)
  • ✨體現自身動物圖騰的力量
  • ✨上界的旅程(指導靈)
  • ✨中界的旅程(俗世的靈性層面)
  • ✨在中界的靈性探索
  • ✨與大自然的連結


豐盛往來:HKD 3,888



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