Dive into the world of crystals, minerals and stones in a 2-day workshop that is lined up with crystal meditations and dynamic interactive exercises to deepen your skills in working with this gift of Mother Earth.

Read through the course contents diligently before signing up!  You will find this information-packed and down-to-earth Crystals Workshop a program not to be missed ~  for self-empowerment and as an additional tool to enhance your healing work.  

Furthermore, you will be gifted with an assortment of crystals to help you embark on your journey to the Crystal Kingdom!


August 22, 2020 (Sat)    10 am – 5 pm    HK$1600

Developing a Passion for Crystals

Course Content:  Insights of Crystals

~ Morning Session ~

Crystals and minerals have their own intelligence and reason to acquire a specific shape, form, and structure.  Even the same kind of crystals, slight difference in size, colour depth, or shape will definitely change their energy pattern and attributes.

In this workshop, Jerry will walk you through the basic knowledge you need – from cleansing or caring the crystals, and how to have a heart-to-heart experience with crystals.

You will learn…

  • Meditative skills to feel energy / crystals with your 5 senses
  • Basic space setting and cleansing skill (smudging)
  • Basic energy knowledge, the 7 chakras (energy center)
  • Basic energy flow and crystal usage exercise (with Rose quartz + Black Tourmaline)
  • Understanding crystals through their shape, form, colour and structure
  • Crystal-keeping, how to keep, cleanse and energize your crystals
  • BONUS! Exploration to the spiritual realm, the mineral guides

♥︎ Gift of Love : Rose quartz x 1 pc, Black tourmaline x 1 pc

~ Afternoon Session ~

Journey into the Might of Crystals

Course Content: Healing with Crystals

After understanding the sensation of the energy of crystals, actually much more is happening in the unseen spiritual realm.  In this class you will be learning to journey to the inner planes and experience crystals with your inner eyes, the 6th sense.

Jerry will guide you to the inner dimension of crystals and minerals, which is called “Mineral Kingdom”.  Each kind of the crystals/minerals has a Master guide with the collective consciousness of its kind.

Nearly all of the crystals you bought in stores are sleeping (non-activated). You will learn how to restore, activate and actualize the full potentials of them.  Activated crystals are much more powerful, and possibly changing appearance immediately.  It also enables the crystals to perform its true function to humankind – healing.

You will learn…

  • Meditation journeys to the mineral kingdom and meeting the mineral guides
  • To restore, activate and actualize the full potential of the crystals
  • To give instructions to crystals working towards our good intention
  • To link up different kind of crystals working as one and perform healing
  • 7 Chakras crystal healing technique (with multiple crystals / wands)

♥︎ Gift of Love : Set of 7 Chakra crystals x 1 set, Small quartz wand x 1 pc


September 5, 2020 (Sat)    10 am – 5 pm    HK$1600


Course Content: Energy Grid Structure

After the crystal journey in Day 1, you are one step closer to being a crystal master!

Energy in crystals are very much in proportion to their size.  If you want to channel large amount of energy, you might need large pieces of crystals, however there is another way and that is: you can actually link up crystals and create an “Energy Grid”.  The Energy Grid will amplify the energy – if you are doing it correctly.

Jerry will also provide two pieces of energy art consisting of sacred geometry and light sigils, printed on a canvas for your easy access.  One of them is for you to charge and purify the crystals in the middle of the sacred circle.  Whilst the other one is to act as an  amplifying circle to accelerate the emission of crystal power.

You will learn to…

  • Laying out a small sized energy grid with any crystals through link-up
  • identify space problem and offer solutions through energy casting
  • construct super sized (room / space) energy grid light city
  • construct energy grids with provided Energy Art sacred circle
  • use the energy grids to accelerate your success and achieving goals (such as attract abundance)
  • learn to dismantle your unseen power to fully release a space (also remotely)

♥︎ Gift of Love: Double terminated quartz x 12 pcs (for Energy art), Energy Art canvas (Sacred Space / Accelerate) x 2 pcs

SPECIAL OFFER! **Bring along a friend and pay only HK$3000 per person!

To join the Pilgrimage into the Crystal Kingdom with Jerry Sanctus, please call Reflections on 2504 1333.  Whatsapp Ruby T Ong 9401 4713.

The event is finished.

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