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SACRED IMMERSION 1 – Unconditional Love 神聖深度遊第一章 無私的愛

This is a series of fully channelled sessions, connecting to different frequencies of energy and wisdom. Thus every session is completely unique. Jerry Sanctus is a clear channeller. He connects to the Higher Dimensions and guide the group into a journey of deep meditation for self-exploration and healing. The Highly evolved entities (Gods, Goddesses, Angels etc) provide a tailored experience according to the participants within the circle. The facilitator picks very special date to hold these immersion sessions, subject to the availability of specific frequencies at that moment of time. Energy gate is projected to open on the specific dates to assist those listening to the call.



  1. Unconditional Love | 2020:12:20

Frequencies : Christ consciousness

Jerry projected 2020:12:20 which is another powerful day in numerology, which is also the Winter Solstice and Christmas time (Yuletide). It is expected the frequencies of the all the Christ consciousness (e.g. Jesus the Christ, Mother Mary, Lady Magdalene…) and Angels would be widely available at that time.

The energy gate is projected for facilitating the following topics:

  • Unconditional Love (the ability to loving thyself & others selflessly)
  • Mercy & Grace (receptiveness of the Higher frequencies and assistance)
  • Faith & Hope (detachment and surrender to the Divine plan for our highest good)


  1. 無私的愛 | 2020:12:20




  • 無私的愛 (對自身及其他個體無私地奉獻的能力)
  • 恩典 (接受在上之力協助的程度與願意度)
  • 信念與希望 (放下執念與信任在上之力必然作出最佳的安排)


  1. The Ego Game (Date T.B.C.)

Frequencies: Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

  1. Compassion (Date T.B.C.)

Frequencies: Buddhas & Bodhisattvas

  1. Taming the inner struggle (Date T.B.C.)

Frequencies: Greek Gods & Goddesses

  1. The Alchemy of Life (Date T.B.C.)

Frequencies: Atlantis immersion

  1. The Sky world (Date T.B.C.)

Frequencies: Medicines of the Nature spirits

  1. The Longing Home (Date T.B.C.)

Frequencies: The Light brotherhood of Sirius Star









The event is finished.

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