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SACRED IMMERSION 2 – The EGO Game 神聖深度遊第二章 小我的遊戲

This is a series of fully channelled sessions, connecting to different frequencies of energy and wisdom. Thus every session is completely unique. Jerry Sanctus is a clear channeller. He connects to the Higher Dimensions and guide the group into a journey of deep meditation for self-exploration and healing. The Highly evolved entities (Gods, Goddesses, Angels etc) provide a tailored experience according to the participants within the circle. The facilitator picks very special date to hold these immersion sessions, subject to the availability of specific frequencies at that moment of time. Energy gate is projected to open on the specific dates to assist those listening to the call.


2. The EGO Game 2021:2:21

This is a journey dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Isis. The Divine Mother Isis will bring us through a series of journeys around the River Nile, to our heart. Our mind is often blinded by our own perceptions and energy. Goddess Isis will show us the way and let us understand the truth of life – the actual mechanics in how our inner system work. Our ego mind is good at fooling us. Our soul, our heart is actually shining bright and often seeking another way. Come and join this Light fellowship and it will bring you to the greater good.

The energy gate is projected for facilitating the following topics:

⭐️Stillness – the ability to differentiate the voices of your ego mind and your soul

⭐️Calmness – to tame your inner turbulence and deep cleanse on overthinking mind

⭐️Bliss – to a state of an everlasting serenity, joy, and peace



2. 小我的遊戲 | 2021:2:21






    • 入定 – 分辨內在之聲之能力(靈魂及小我)
    • 平靜 – 馴服思維之跳躍及清淨過度思考
    • 喜樂 – 進入可長久維持的寧靜、歡樂、與平安

  1. Compassion (Date T.B.C.)

Frequencies: Buddhas & Bodhisattvas

  1. Taming the inner struggle (Date T.B.C.)

Frequencies: Greek Gods & Goddesses

  1. The Alchemy of Life (Date T.B.C.)

Frequencies: Atlantis immersion

  1. The Sky world (Date T.B.C.)

Frequencies: Medicines of the Nature spirits

  1. The Longing Home (Date T.B.C.)

Frequencies: The Light brotherhood of Sirius Star



Date 日期:2021-FEB-21 (SUN 星期日)

Time 時間:1pm – 5pm

Exchange 能量交換:HKD1,111

Venue 地點:Heart Forest

葵興業成街18號星星中心 (The Star) 21樓2115室






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