Today is Wesak full moon, also known as the Buddha birthday, the most powerful day of each year.

One week before the full moon, my friend and I went to some open water and meditate to work with an energy portal there. Recently the energy of dragons is still getting along. We see the birth of many tiny dragons, from the gigantic  motherly dragon that earlier anchoring into Earth since years ago. I am excited to see these new born babies coming in. I believed it signify love, hope and many blessings to the land.

We called forth a pure light column from the Divine into the open water. The energy saturated as a big light orb slowly sinking into the water, while the energy also resonate with an energy portal nearby. These two source of energies are communicating and exchanging, creating a spiral flow like the infinite symbol. The light creates a beautiful geometric structure, with the axis tilted like our planet Earth, connecting the divine and the Earth core. In the middle of the structure is an octahedron, with one large light disc at the widest part, and 2 small light discs somewhere above and below the octahedron.

My friend mentioned to me, the energy structure I saw is a code that she used to anchoring the Christ self from her teachings. She is not supposed to share the information before she could fully embody that energy. However the code just came to me naturally. So accidentally I imitated myself into my Christ self, the infinite possibilities of Divine love and grace.

The initiation prepares me to this Wesak full moon 2020. I channelled a sacred sigil to assist human kind in this very difficult time.

The virus incident is an expression of the ultimate frustration and despair. It resonates to our deepest fear and pain. With the joint effort of the government of many countries and responsible citizens, the epidemic is slowly getting contained. However, the outbreak of our emotions and pain are not being dealt with.

This sigil is meant to be assist us in such time. 4 planets (Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto) are in retrograde. The energy fluctuation is going to mess up our lives quite a bit. This sigil is actually an “Anti-time” code. It is not possible to bend or reverse time in our reality. But there is a trick. Our body follows a certain cycle or system which you could understand as time. If our system runs too slow, our energy is low and possibly get sick. If our system run too fast, our energy is too high and make us restless. This sigil is adjusting the time of our cycle by rearranging the working sequence. To be exact, part of your system is running in reverse. Together with the retrograde energies which also brings your energy in reverse, the sigil help neutralizing the entire effect of the retrogrades.

Other than a time codex, the sigil also channels and regulates energy. The 3 central pillars are the energies of the Divine masculine, Divine Feminine, and your Divine presence (I AM). Bringing in the Divine energies of our higher selves (yes , we have more than 1 higher self), keep our heart centered. It saves us from all the fluctuation these days.

Please feel free to share this Sigil to your fellow light beings. Make print-outs of A4/A5, hold it to meditate, or hang it in your sacred space. It should keep us grounded and sound for this year.

Stay safe.

High-res PDF printable press here. PlatniumLight_Wesak2020