Liquid Light Elixir

In the grace of Goddess Kurukulle


Kurukulle is a powerful and loving Tibetan goddess, lineage could be found in ancient Indian scriptures. She is a Goddess associated with the rites of magnetising and enchantment. With such great power behold, not many practitioners in the world is attuned to this gift. It is because such power should be used with caution, integrity and great responsibilities. .

Jerry Sanctus is glad to be attuned to Goddess Kurukulle from one of his master. Jerry channels this frequency into an oil blend and greatly boost the abundance flow and luck of the user. Over 10 years, this oil is still the bestseller of Jerry’s many powerful psychic tools.


Customers report that business venture flows smoothly, and investments are relatively more successful. They also report empowerment in their confidence and clarity, which also lead to success.


In 2020, Jerry also experienced frequencies upgrade. The oil he made now is “time sensitive”. It is no longer a fixed recipe. The ingredients slightly change to adopt to galactic and global changes. For example the current batch of oil in June, the Goddess calls for extra portion of floral essences to provide a joyful and uplift frequency to counter the dull and stagnant energies in the current pandemic.


There are infinite ways of using the oil. The recommended usage is to slightly roll the oil onto your meridian points, such as waist, and gently rub for a few times. And then move your hands all over your aura of your whole body to fill yourself with the Goddess Kurukulle’s power. One “charge-up” could last up to 2~8 hours depends on your energy level. You may also oil your company chop, the cash that you are going to spend, or the internal linings of your wallet/purse.


Remember to share a small portions of your earnings to the needed to keep the abundance flow infinitely. .

Retail Price (10ml roll-on bottle):

USD44 / HKD338


Authorized reseller: @heart_forest_hk,


INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Please note that oil is considered restricted item for many countries. If you are not sure whether you can receive this shipment, please email to [email protected] and we will assist.


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