Wesak Day (The Buddha’s Birthday) is an important Buddhist festival each year. No matter you are Buddhist or not, on the planetary level, we both are blessed and showered by the powerful frequencies that cleanse, heal, and rejuvenate our being.

In the generosity of the Divine Infinite, Jerry offers special spiritual energy infused items, blessed on the Wesak day for many years. In the past, these items vary from essential oil blend, hand painted artwork, medicine pouch, postcard, etc. Starting from 2020, Jerry offers a special handcraft talisman packed with personalized light sigil, crystal shards, and sacred herbs. These talismans gained a great reputation of shielding off negative energies and promote holistic wellbeing.

The talisman is limited to 33 pieces each year, and we process the order on a first come first serve basis. Interested parties please DM us to pre-order and reserve your spot.

Abundance Exchange: HKD 333/pc
Size: ~3cm x 3cm
****Please note this year cloth pouch is WHITE in colour!!
Shipping by SFexpress to lockers or addresses, cost settled upon delivery.

1. 🙏The talisman is sealed in a zip-lock bag, packed & blessed by Jerry himself. When the bag is opened, the energy will starts to work and interact with your auric field. The power will gradually wear off in natural wear and tear, we suggest for 12-18 months of usage time after opening the package. It is recommended to keep opened talisman for your own use, as the energy already adjusted to fit your needs the best.

2. 🙏Do not open the cloth pouch or the energy will disperse immediately.

3. 🙏Do not soak or wash. The talisman recipe calls for a water-soluble ink on paper and dried herbs. Water simply deactivates the power.

4. 🙏You may wear the talisman underneath your clothing as a necklace, put in your handbag/backpack, or wallet if it fits. Please treat it as a sacred item and it is NOT supposed to be displayed as decoration.

衛塞節2022平安御守 現正接受預訂



豐盛往來: HKD 333/個
尺寸:約3cm x 3cm
****請留意今年的御守布袋是 白色 !

1. 🙏御守的製作過程,由填充至祝福也由杰瑞老師親手處理,直至放入密封袋中。當你打開密封袋,御守的能量會開始啟動並與你的氣牆調合。御守的能量會跟隨物件自然地流失,我們建議在開封後的使用周期為12-18個月。同時建議你開封的御守只供閣下做用,因為能量已調和至最適合你的水平。

2. 🙏不要打開布袋,否則儲存的能量會馬上消失。

3. 🙏不要用水浸泡或清洗。這御守的配方要求水溶性墨水、紙、以及乾燥草藥,遇水將會令御守失效。

4. 🙏建議你可以把御守吊墜配戴,但放置於衣物內部,或放置於手袋/背包內,或你的錢包中。請把御守當成神聖物件,並不應表揚地當成裝飾品配戴並展示。

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