Reading session

Jerry works very closely with the Higher Spirits. In this session, he is available to answer any questions through his clairvoyance ability. He will tune into your frequencies and higher-self, asking for permission to retrieve the most relevant information at the moment for you.

Stepping into the Aluna world, he will look into the issues that you concerned. Whatever happened in the Aluna world (the etheric level) would highly possibly manifested into the physical world. Understanding what is happening about you in the Aluna world, you would understand what is happening backstage.

Prepare your questions. When the session begins, you may briefly explain what you would like to focus on in this particular session. Jerry will start the session with a heartfelt prayer, and gives a quick general scan on your current auric field, any inter-crossing dimensions and frequencies.

You may then extend your questions to a deeper level. Jerry will then plot your frequencies onto paper in unrecognizable language known as “Light sketches”, which is actually pure frequencies. Jerry will promptly read and decode what has been investigated and provide some insight on the issues.

What to expect and things to note:

  • You are free to ask any question within the session time.
  • You can always go deeper into each question, if you would like more clarification.
  • You might be guided into short meditations, in order for Jerry to retrieve a particular piece of information you would like to know, or to release a resisting energy.
  • Jerry might talk in unrecognizable language (known as the Light Language), which is the time when he talks to the Higher Spirits. To be exact, it is actually “spoken frequencies” which does not assemble as language. Stay calm and Jerry will explain what has been communicated to you.
  • You might be given crystals, minerals, or hand sketched talisman to bring home, if your case needed one of those.
  • All the messages are brought to you for your highest good and do no harm.
  • You are always responsible for your own choice in life, Jerry acts as a messenger to give truthful & meaningful advice guided by the Higher Forces.

Abundance Exchange

USD 180 / HKD 1,400 for 60mins session
USD 260 / HKD 2,000 for 90mins session

*Jerry is a frequent traveller. Check with us for travelling schedule if you would like a face-to-face session. For urgent issues, you are welcome to book Skype session instead.