上過好多不同種類身心靈的課堂,Jerry 是我首選和推薦的導師。認識他都有3~4年,上過他的channelling課堂確實是無與倫比,內容好有系統,容易掌握,不是虛浮的,是非常實在的。Jerry 是一個非常有心和靈力很高的導師,他非常謙卑,不會hard-sell 自己,更不會自吹自擂。他是一個修心的導師,他有多好,多上他的課堂你就會知道。 正因為老師不hard-sell自己,我更加要推薦他給對身心靈成長有興趣的朋友,Jerry 定期有冥想班,有興趣的可以一試。 I have attended various types of 'body, mind, and spirit' classes, and Jerry is my top choice and highly recommended teacher. I have known him for about 3 to 4 years, and his channelling class are truly remarkable. The content is well-structured, easy to grasp, and not superficial or vague. It is very practical. Jerry is a mentor with a big heart and high spiritual power. He is a very humble person, never do hard selling, and never boasts about himself. He is a mentor for inner cultivation, and you will see how great he is by attending his class. Because the teacher doesn't hard sell himself, so I am here to recommend him to friends who are interested in 'body, mind, and spirit' classes. Jerry conducts regular meditation classes, and for those interested can give it a try. Christine Wong, UK
女友是Jerry的學生。直至去年,感恩有機會參與Jerry的冥想班。第一次親身跟Jerry學習,過程中感覺非常之清晰實在,亦因為Jerry的專業技巧與耐性,讓我能循序漸進地更深入地了解自己。經過這次初體驗之後,我亦隨即報名上Channeling session. 衷心感謝您,Jerry, 是您讓我與自己的最高指導靈連結,好期待不久將來能再有機會上您的班呢。 My girlfriend is Jerry's student. Until last year, I am grateful to have a chance joining Jerry's meditation class. First time participating in his class, his teaching is very solid and precise. Because of Jerry's professional skills and patience, step by step I started to understand myself more. After this first impression, I also signed up for another channeling session. My deep gratitude! Jerry, you are the one who guided me connecting with my Higher self. I am looking forward to participanting in your classes again. Ricky Fung, UK
I found Jerry from Google 6 years ago for a psychic reading when I hit rock bottom in my life. At that time, I just wanted to know if my then boyfriend would pay more attention to me or if there's anyway for him to stay in my life. Long story short, that guy became my ex. For the next few years, I was quite lost in my life like I was fired by 7 jobs in a row in 2 years. I had no career, no money and no love. On and off I attended Jerry's classes including healing where I started understanding myself more and knowing the concept of self love. Even I was quite annoying as a customer as I had tons of questions all the time. But Jerry didn't ignore me. Instead he provided guidance. I believe other healers or spiritual teachers would have ignored me. Of course, at the end of the day, Jerry's role is a teacher, you have to learn the life lessons yourself. But he can help you understand your journey and discover your inner self with his knowledge, techniques, tools and patience. In our waking life, not many people would guide you. Most people would just tell you "cheer up, " but it doesn't really help you. Often times, we repeat patterns because we haven't learn the lesson. Once you learn your lesson, you're off the hook. Lessons get easier as I become humble and have self awareness. Today, I am happy to say that I am in a good position in my career working for my dream company. Though I am single, I am no longer desperate for a boyfriend to just fill the void. Now I feel complete and my life is full. Jerry is my friend now. Anyone would be lucky to find Jerry. He is a deep person who understands how our minds, souls and hearts work. Charlotte Lee, Hong Kong
Jerry 老師是一位很資深,靈力修為很高的人,有幸上他的channeling class學習保護和通靈的技巧;為了讓學員親身感受到高靈和低靈的分別,他即塲示範召請神靈、天使等高靈到臨,再召請黑白無常讓我們感受正負兩極的分別,實在讓我和同學們很震撼。Jerry是少數能力高,見識廣,心地善良又樂於助人的身心靈導師,天生體質敏感的我,能感受到他的氣塲,靈能力,可以很放心的交託他,在絕對信任和放鬆的環境跟他學習! "Jerry is a very experienced and spiritually advanced teacher. I was fortunate enough to attend his channeling class to learn skills in protection and channeling. To help us understand the difference between high and low spirits, he demonstrated by summoning high spirits such as gods and angels, and then calling upon the Chinese Black & White underworld gods to help us feel the difference between positive and negative energy. It was a very shocking and impressive experience for me and my classmates. Jerry is one of the few spiritually gifted and knowledgeable teachers who is kind-hearted and willing to help others. As a person who is naturally sensitive to energy, I can feel his aura and spiritual abilities and trust him completely in a relaxed and trustworthy environment to learn from him." Tiffany @nanavo 古埃及能量治療師及導師 Living Light Energy (Sekhem) Healer & Teacher
I am following Jerry more than 7 years and so lucky and grateful to meet him. All his reading and answers are pure and full of love. Every time after his class and private session, your physical and emotional energy had been filled up. Jerry, you are the most trustable and powerful Spiritual Master. Love and Light! Miranda Tong, Australia
It is my luck to meet Jerry and receive spiritual knowledge from him. His advice and guidance enhance my wisdom. He tell me what is surrender and acceptance, which help me to overcome my hardship successfully. Also, Jerry teach me to use my heart to feel and see the surrounding. The outcome is really wonderful. All of these wisdom are new topic to me and i am loving it. Thank you Jerry. Gloria Fong, Hong Kong
Still remember the first time I met Jerry was in the channeling practicum - Mystery of Light, this jounary opened a new door for me to the spirituality world, followed by crystal workshop, Shamanic journeys as well as private healing and cleaning sessions, reaffirming the capability of Jerry and how he contributed to arouse our inner peace and spiritual connections. Always be grateful to have met Jerry, my most trusted spirtual master. Axon Cho, Hong Kong
感謝Jerry老師的教導,溫柔的切入重點,深入易明的講解,由淺入深令我可以重新審視每一個覺察重新回到當下,改變就在不知不覺中發生。(I'm grateful to Jerry's teaching. He gently gets to our core resistance, explaining in depth but easy to understand. He brings my awareness back to present for every moment. Transformation happens without even knowing! ) Tracy Choi, Hong Kong
感恩遇見Jerry老師? 多謝他真心的分享、耐心的教導? (Grateful to meet teacher Jerry! Thank you his truthful sharings and teaching patiently) Germeio Tsang, Hong Kong
I had a channeling session with Jerry at the time when I was most troubled by some issues of my teenage son. I was so desperate that I had tried every means including counselor, Taoism reader, Chinese channeling, western spiritual practitioners etc. In a way, I was quite an experienced “client” in the mind body spirit area. Jerry impressed me a lot. He helped me to see things from other perspectives and I was amazed that he had the wisdom of Confucius. He was most helpful and consultation time seemed not of his concern. He answered all my questions and I was more grounded, relieved and inspired after the session. The messages that he channeled open my mind and I constantly reminded myself of the insights he gave me when I went through the whole turmoil. Honestly, I had not expected that much before the session. Since then, I attended classes held by Jerry and I learnt channeling from him too. I knew that not everybody could be a great channeling agent. Jerry is definitely gifted to do it and what matters most is his true heart to serve and to help the mankind. Without hesitation, I would recommend him to anybody who are open-minded and in need of help. Joyce Tang, Hong Kong
It was a blessing the healing session I had with you, this Saturday. The energy you channel is very gentle and powerful at the same time. You are totally available to help, pure love in manifestation. I could feel this love healing the part of me that has the wound and, even now. Thank you for putting so much care. I really loved to see you and I am very, very proud of you. And grateful. I will definitely recommend my friends to see you in Hong Kong Aurora Santos, Portugal
I had a channeling session with you on tuesday, and also attended the meditation that same evening. I guess I have been interested in learning more about the masters lately and wait and see where right teachings appear. I definately resonate with Maha Chohan… It is so easy to slip to the road of "Do it for me please". I like your way to teach "I show you the tools and you do it yourself" which of course is not easy but it in the end it is the only way to mastery….. Virpi Salin, Finland
I have been using the energy code of yours which for connecting with the Sun’s energy from our private session, during the groomy weather in most of the last couple of weeks, to bring forth the vibrant energy from the Sun for my cat whom has not been well for a while, together with other tools I could use, and with regularly energy healing to revitalise his bodies. I find the energy code has been in great assistant even just as an visual, and I know it carries more than just bright happy colours. I am very grateful to have received the code!!! Wynnie Ng, UK
Two weeks ago, I was guided by Archangel Michael to do the energy healing session when asking about the issue of job searching and spiritual growth. I immediately thought of your name whom I accessed Reflection website a few months before. I followed my guidance to take this session. During the session, I felt the heated energy around my body. I was guided to meet Archangel Michael and my High Self in the mediation. This was a relaxed and grateful experience that I released the burden to them which had blocked me from moving forward. Jerry, you are a gifted healer. I really hope that your work can beneficial to more people. Priscilla Lee, Hong Kong
Jerry is very inspiring. He is young, but he is one of my most respected spiritual teacher. It is time healers need to step out of the closet to perform healing. Add oil Jerry! Will follow you to continue discovering life and soul. Thank you! Chine Chan, Hong Kong
Jerry is a nice, gentle, knowledgeable and sincere person. Apart from gaining the knowledge and skills, taking his classes can always allow me to understand myself more. Everytime after the classes, I was like filled with light and feeling very joyful. Jerry also conduct channeling. Instead of telling me what to do, his understanding and encouragement gave me the deepest support when I was having bad times. He is just like an angel, not just to me, but surely to many others, too Jessica Chung, Hong Kong
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